Upcoming Projects

By Adrienne Dawes.
Directed by Daniel Jáquez


July 26 at 7pm
July 27 at 7pm
July 28 at 2 pm
At Diversionary Theatre ( 4545 Park Blvd #101, San Diego, CA 92116 )

About the show:
When Diana, a ruthless and power-hungry Pilates influencer, learns that her social media manager Teodoro is hooking up with her makeup artist Madeinusa, it sparks bitter jealousy. Even though it would be social suicide for her to date someone with zero followers, Diana finds herself falling madly in love but if she can’t have Teodoro . . . no one can!

THIS BITCH: ESTA SANGRE QUIERO is a big, bawdy, bilingual Gen Z comedy inspired by Lope de Vega’s epic Golden Age comedia “El perro del hortelano.”

Original Music by Eric Johnson
Lyrics by Adrienne Dawes & Lope de Vega (adapted by khattieq)


By Dario Fo.
Directed by Daniel Jáquez
Aug 5 at 8pm
At Casa Familiar – El Salon Theater ( ​114 W Hall Ave San Ysidro, CA 92173) 


This insightful, satirical, subversive comedy, set after and before 1492, revolves around the tragicomic deeds of an actor who is sentenced to death for having performed a banned play by Fernando de Rojas. The unfortunate actor, while on the gallows, is offered an opportunity to do one last show with his acting company. It must be a show about Columbus and Queen Isabella.

Dario Fo (1926 – 2016) was an Italian actor, playwright, comedian, singer, theatre director, set designer, singer-songwriter, illustrator and political activist. His work flourishes through improvisation and includes the re-discovery of the ancient Italian style of the Commedia dell’Arte. His works, translated into over 30 languages, are a great indictment against corruption, organized crime, deviant political and religious power, racism and war. He received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1997 as “international recognition of Dario Fo as one of the most important figures of the theatrical.

Past productions

Consulado General de México en San Diego, Camino23 Collective y TuYo Theatre, presentan:


Free tickets here

Obra dramática de Óscar Liera

Dirección de Daniel Jáquez

Lecturas Dramatizadas en Español at HATTOX HALL (The Old Globe Theater) in Balboa Park, San Diego

Domingo 10 diciembre, 2023   2-7 pm

Óscar Liera fue uno de los dramaturgos más importantes e influyentes en México. “Considerado un enfant terrible de la dramaturgia mexicana, sus textos tocaron temas polémicos que trastocaron las bases de la sociedad mexicana en su tiempo.


La infamia es la última obra de Oscar Liera. Un matrimonio desgastado por la rutina y el aburrimiento se ve renovado por la visita de su sobrino Damián. “Aquí la gente no habla con la verdad, ni vive como quiere por temor a las familias, al que dirán.”

Cúcara y Mácara. La obra más controvertida de Liera aborda su muy particular visión sobre la religiosidad en el context politico y social de Mexico que ele toco vivir. Los jerarcas de la iglesia y algunos sacerdotes intentan resolver el problema de que hacer ante antentado a la Virgen de Siquitibum. 

El camino rojo a Sabaiba, Sinaloa es el ombligo del mundo en la obra de Liera. De la tierra viene el poderio de sus imagenes, sus conflictos y sus dialogos. En esta obra, Liera combina el realismo magico con una historia de venganza, poder, miedo y pasion. Ademas de contar con un lenguaje lleno de poesia y critica social.

Horario Público:

2:00-3:30–Lecturas: La Infamia (35 min); Cúcara y Mácara (55 min)


4:00-5:30–Conversacion con Daniel Serrano y Jesús Castaño-Chima

5:30-6:45–Lectura: El camino rojo a Sibaiba



  • Enrique Arana
  • Paul Araujo
  • Jesús Castaño-Chima
  • Cristóbal Dearie
  • Freddy Gómez Cruz
  • Miguel Góngora
  • Lester Isariuz
  • Laura Jiménez
  • Denise López
  • Daniel Novoa
  • Fedra Ramírez-Olivares
  • Olivia Ramos
  • Jorge Rodríguez
  • Gabriel Romero
  • Jassiel Santillán
  • Valeria Vega


  • Karla Daniela Del Real Hernández
  • Valeria Vega
  • Denise López
  • Daniel Jáquez


  • Daniel Serrano
  • Jesús Castaño-Chima
  • Cónsul Gaspar Orozco (Moderador)

THE LAB I: “STONEHEART” by Georgina Escobar

by Georgina Escobar

JULY 28-30 at Diversionary Theatre 

July 28-29th at 7pm; 30th at 2pm


VALERIA VEGA: Beatriz “Birdie” Abrego de Zermani, 50’s Mexican-French woman.  

MARKUZ RODRIGUEZ: Hector Zermani, Late 50’s Mexican-Italian man. Heir to the Zermani School, a cattle-ranch owner, and the centrifugal force for scholars in Ciudad Juárez. He is willful, powerful, and knowledgeable. Melts at the sight of Birdie, his wife. 

LOURDES ARTEAGA: Samara Morales, 20’s Mexican woman from the high deserts. A rancher’s daughter from Villa Ahumada, she is a prospective student at the Zermani School. Like good leather, she is tough with the necessary softness. 

VANESSA FLORES: Josefina “JoJo” Zermani de Ibarguengoytia, 30s, Birdie and Hector’s eldest daughter. 

ADRIANA CUBA: Magdalena “Máge” Zermani de Lopez, Late 20s, Birdie and Hector’s youngest daughter.  

PAUL ARAUJO: Ricardo Ibarguengoytia, 40’s, Married to Josefína and the Zermani School regent. An intellectual and a hound, cares deeply about the need for education in his city.  

LESTER ISARIUZ: The Cowboy, any age. 


A deconstructed Western that explores the societal constructs of femininity and class through the lens and experience of Birdie Zermani. As her mind deteriorates and the webs of abandonment trap her in her past, our aging matriarch is launched into a fabula that mixes the western genre with Latin American history and myth as we watch the deterioration of a family in Ciudad Juarez in the 1980s, told through her eyes.  Forbidden love, mental illness and suicide come together in a visceral horror family drama where the Zermanis are forced to cope with the death of their legacy amidst the rise of a new generation of Developmental History.

Stoneheart was created at the Maria Irene Fornés Writing Workshop (2017-18), MacDowell Colony (2018), Djerassi Artist Residency (2018) and was a Finalist for the National Playwrights  Conference at the O’Neill (2019) and the Bay Area Playwrights Festival (2020). And is a Kilroy’s List title (2019). It was developed as a workshop reading by The Sol Project and with Project Y in New York City.


About the musical world of the play:

The play was inspired by Rondalla music, specifically as portrayed by the “cebolleros” (agricultural engineering students) at the Escuela Superior de Agricultura, Hermanos Escobar which was founded and ran by the ancestors in Ciudad Juarez Chihuahua from 1906 until 1993 when it closed indefinitely…until January 2023 when it returned to giving classes.The positioning of rondalla music as backdrop for the piece is not only instrumental, but it is recommended.

About The Author:

Georgina Escobar is a queer playwright from Ciudad Juárez, México who specializes in genre with heart, including musical theatre, modern sci-fi, and other futurity femmetasias. Her plays have been produced in the US, México, UK, Italy, Denmark & Sweden. She is a Kilroy’s List Writer, and the recipient of the inaugural Gotham & Variety Audio Honors award for groundbreaking audio storytelling. Other accolades include Finalist at the National Playwright’s Conference 2019, The National Darrell Ayers Playwriting Award, and the Outstanding Service to the Women on the Border Award. Escobar is a La MaMa Umbria, MacDowell Fellow, Djerassi Residency, Fornés Writing Workshop, Clubbed Thumb Emerging Writer’s Group, and Project Y writer. She has been a Visiting Instructor at institutions like Kingsborough College NY, the University of Texas at El Paso and Princeton University. Her work has been featured in The Texas Review (Matted), Los Bárbaros | Lxs Bárbarxs  (Pies Pa’Que), McSweeny’s Press (“I Know What’s Best For You”, Inti Press UK (Cósmica, translation) and more. Off Broadway: Then They Forgot About The Rest (World Premiere INTAR 2019), Sweep (Lincoln Center Director’s Lab 2016) Off-Off Broadway: Desaparecidas (JACK, 2022), The Unbearable Likeness of Jo, Semity & Jones (Dixon Place), Penny Pinball Presents The Beacons (UNIT 52, INTAR). Her original work has been produced and developed at the Eugene O’Neill Theatre Center, NAMT,  INTAR, JACK Space Brooklyn, Open Jar Studios, New York Children’s Theatre, Clubbed Thumb, Lincoln Center, Bushwick Starr, La MaMa, Two Rivers, Milagro Theatre, Aurora Theatre, Duke City Repertory, and more.