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Camino23 Collective,

a latinx+ theater collective

Directed by Daniel Jáquez with Diversionary Theatre´s support.

Upcoming Productions

THE LAB I: Stoneheart by Georgina Escobar

JULY 28-30 at Diversionary Theatre

July 28-29th 7pm
July 30th 2pm


A deconstructed Western that explores the societal constructs of femininity and class through the
lens and experience of Birdie Zermani. As her mind deteriorates and the webs of abandonment
trap her in her past, our aging matriarch is launched into a fabula that mixes the western genre
with Latin American history and myth as we watch the deterioration of a family in Ciudad Juarez
in the 1980s, told through her eyes.  Forbidden love, mental illness and suicide come together in
a visceral horror family drama where the Zermanis are forced to cope with the death of their
legacy amidst the rise of a new generation of ‘society’s finest.’

Developmental History:

Stoneheart was created at the Maria Irene Fornés Writing Workshop (2017-18), MacDowell
Colony (2018), Djerassi Artist Residency (2018) and was a Finalist for the National Playwrights
Conference at the O’Neill (2019) and the Bay Area Playwrights Festival (2020). And is a Kilroy’s
List title (2019). It was developed as a workshop reading by The Sol Project and with Project Y
in New York City.

Welcome to our family